Emirates ID Status

Check all about Emirates id- Emirates Id Status. Check Emirates Id Status Details Like emirates id tracking, emirates id renewal, and emirates id authority

Emirates ID Status – Check ID Renewal & Authority

In this article, I will tell You about the Emirates Id. You can also learn emirates id Status and how to check Status. You can also know about the Emirates Id Application, Emirates Id Card status, Emirates id renewal & Emirates Id Authority

Emirates ID Specially used in Dubai and Here you can Check all the Ways Which are Used for it. Moreover here the Some Basic Process and Details Which are Totally Used for Exploring the information about Emirates ID. All the information is written for the UAE. All the Methods and Content is only for UAE People or those people who are currently in this country.

Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the Federal Authority for Both Id and Citizenship. It’s just a legal necessity of several UAE taxpayers and employ for you personally and also take it together all times. Checking Emirates Id Status is very necessory for all peoples. 

Emirates id Status

Emirates id status

Emirates id Status or Emirates id Details Checking Both are the same Terms Where the user Check the Current Status or Details about the Emirates id. Its the Simple and one to two Clicks based information.

Means You have to do not worry about any other type of Registration form and information putting methods where the User firstly Provide the Whole Details and then Receive the Results.

Emirates id Basically the Card which issued by the Official Department of Emirates. And this Card used as ID Card where your whole Services and Professional Details are Mentioned.

Moreover Emirates id Status also Provide you the Details about that Services which are you Currently Receiving in UAE. UAE is the State where World best Companies are Working. And Ever Person wants to come here for Job or Income. So, these all the People who comes here for Any Purpose what ever job or Visiting if they Live here for Long time they have need for this.

And Here we will Explain the method which is Checked for the Emirates id Status. All the Important and Basic Information about the Emirates id Status are Written here in this Article you have to just Follows Some Steps and then Receive the Results.

Emirates id Status Check

Emirates id status check

You can check Emirates id Status with Two Basic Method which is also the Common and Simple. These Methods Helps you to know information about your emirates id application Status, Validation status & Renewal Status. There are Two methods to check emirates id status.

  • ICA Website
  • Voice Method

Emirates Id Status ICA

Check Your application or Emirates Id card status through ICA Website. Follow below steps for checking.

Step#1: Visit UAE ICA Website Government Portal. Click Here To Visit this ICA Portal On your Smartphone or Laptop.

Step#2: After that Choose English Language to Use this Portal In English Language for id status checking. 

Step#3: Click On “Check Emirates Id Status” option from the Top Option of ICA Portal.

Step#4: In the Box of Emirates ID Card enter Your Emirates id card number.

Emirates id status Checking
Image Credit: ICA Website

Step#5: Click On “Check” To Emirates id status.

Emirates id Status checking Through Voice Call.

Emirates id status check through Voice Call. Follow below steps to check 

Step#1: Dial 600-5300-o3 on Any Mobile Phone network or Use your Home Phone landline number

Step#2: Ask Customer for Your Emirates id status. The customer asked you for Verification. Verify Yourself and provide Emirates id number or application number or Passport number.

Step#3:  Wait for Few Seconds to know about your card status. The Customer center provides you all details of your emirates id.

If Your Status Come Valid then you must need to Note your expiration date. In Case Emirates id Expiry date, you need to renew your emirates id. 

If You have already send renewal request then wait for few days and then check your application status through ICA. Mostly the Emiratis Status will Changed after 24 Hours of Submission your Application. If not changed after few days then You can check your ICA Application Status of your card renewal request by following above ways.

To Gain this Status you have Valid Passport other Wise you can not Submit Application for this Card. Valid Passport means that Passport which have not be Expired. And Passport have 6 Months for Expiring. Expiring passport will not be acceptable for this type of application submission.

With this You have also provide the Family Book where the Family Details are mentioned. Other Wise you can also Use the Marriage Documents or School Valid Documents Etc for this Type of Status Checking.

If you are want to Apply for this Card then You have to fill the Online Form. Which is Based on all these type of information. This Form you will Also Get form this Site. Where you have to provide the Simple Details For the Example name, Address and Passport number then Submit the Application after it you will get the Application Number. Which also Know as Tracking Number. And this Tracking Number also Used for Checking the Emiratis ID Status.

You can also Get all these information form the EDA site. One more thing when You will Done the Application Submission you will also receive the Massage form the site or Customer of this Service. And You can also ask form them any type of information about this Process.

Mostly the People think that they can not Travel in Dubai with Out Emiratis ID but its not true you can Travel any where in UAE with out Emiratis ID.

This Will Happen that time when You Have the Visa Stamp on you are passport and Passport also have the Valid. Means Expired Passport will Not be acceptable for this type of Travel Purpose or one more thing Expired Passport will Not be acceptable any where in UAE.

Similar here an other Query which is Applied on the Emirates ID. Means if you have the Expired ID then What will be happen with you. Its not the Bigger Issue if this Query Currently Applying on you then You will Get some Limited Fine on it which is 20 AED.

How To Check Emirates id Status?

You can Check Your Emirates Id Status Through ICA Website & Voice Call. Both these methods are very fast and easy for those who wants to know about their card status.

  • For ICA Methods Visit ICA Website and Select Language. After that Click on Id Status Inquiry option and enter the number of id card if you want to know id status. Enter Application number if you want to know your new id card request application status or renewal application status. After that Click on Check button to inquire about your id status.
  • For Voice Method Dial 600-5300-o3. Talk with Customer for your card status. Verify yourself, Provide application or id number To Customer man. The customer man tell you about your emirates id status. 

Emirates id Renewal

In Dubai, the emirates id renewal issue is Mostly Faced by ever that Person who comes on a visa or who have the Emirates ID. Here the Some Basic Details About the Emirates ID Renewal Process or its Features or Limits which will Help you to Understand the Whole Process and concept about this Topic. Check Procedure of Emirates id renewal

Basically why we have to need to check this emirates id renewal, Or why we have to do this emirates id renewal Process.? these are the Queries which are Mostly Comes first and then we searched about this.

emirates id is the type of National ID Card which used for Showing you are Official Identity to some One. So, if this will get Expired then How will you get Shows you are Details to others and How Will Get you are Services via emirates id.?

Here the Some basic and Needed information about the emirates Card which based on all this Topic. You will Get learn all about process and Details which will help you to Do all the information Exploring emirates id renewal.

  • The UAE or those People who have the emirates id they can Renew their emirates id in Six Moths or 1 Month Before its Expiring. After this limit cross, you will Get fine on it.
  • And Visa Holder who also has the emirates id they can Apply for emirates id renewal before Visa Re Issuing.

Emirates id Application Status

Emirates id Application status

Emirates id application forget new ID. Whenever you will Submit your emirates id application to the ICA Customer Care. Then you will Get notify Date by the Massage when you will Get the New emirates id. Commonly the new emirates id issued in 48 Hours After Submitting its Application.

And You will also Change the Details on you are ID. this will Only happen that Time whenever you Appeal for a new ID. other Wise on Current emirates id you can not change you are Details. And one More thing Whenever you will change or update you are Details on ID. Firstly you have to Report the Concern Department. After it, You can Change your Details.

Follow these method to Check your Emirates ID Application Status

Step#1: Visit ICA Website For Application Status.

Step#2: In ICA Portal Choose English Language

Step#3: Click On “Emirates ID Application Status” Button

Step#4: In New Page Enter Your Application Number and Click on Check Button to Know your application status

Or in case you Stolen you are ID then what will You do?

These are the Question which is un Answerable for anyone Person. But here the Legally Process which helps you to get Handle these types of incident.

Firstly Whenever you Lost or Stolen you are ID you have to do this. Report the Stolen or Lost emirates id to the Nearest ICA Customer Care. Where you will get all the information about it and they will help you all the ways which make you Ensure form the Wrong Use of you are emirates id.

After Reporting the Incident then appeal for the Deactivate you are emirates id before its used anywhere. Mostly they Customer Care ask about lost emirates id Copy or any prof which define you id information. in this Case, always Brings old id to the customer care.

Emirates id Card

Emirates id Card is Card which is used for all purpose in UAE. Without this card all kind of Services, Jobs and account banned for You. This ban will be lifted when you have a valid emirates id card. You can check many this using this card like the application status, Visa Status and much more things using this card. 

Emirates id Center

Here are the List of Emirates Id Center in UAE. 

  • Al-Jazeera Town
  • Khalifa Town in Abu Dhabi
  • Al Barsha
  • Al Rashidiya
  • Karama at Dubai
  • Madinat Zayed from the Western Area
  • Al-Ain Centre
  • Sharjah Centre
  • Ajman Centre
  • Fujairah Centre
  • Ras Al Khaimah Centre
  • Umm Al Quwain Centre.

Mostly the Expired Emirates ID Renewal Limit is 30 Days. And After When its Get Expired and you get also Cross the Selecting Days Limit for Expiring Emirates ID Renewal then you will Get Charge of 20 AED Per Day. And this fine will charge up to 1000 AED.

So, it’s Important that whenever you Get Expired your Emirates ID, After it You have the First and last option about this to get Renewal again Emirates ID. Before Expiring your Emirates ID The FAIC also Sends you a Remainder Text SMS on you are Register Cell Phone Number about you are Expiring Emirates ID.

You can Also Renew your Emirates ID via Official Emirates Sites. Where you can also Find Other Services which are the best way to get any Basic information about these types of Issues.

Emirates Id Authority

Emirates id authority to cancel the ID or Cancel the Services which are Currently Connecting with this. Or Any Person in UAE who wants to cancel the Emirates ID for any Purpose for the Example he is Leaving the Country or Maybe He is Changing his Job.

Then Here the Simple Way to Canceling the emirates id authority by Calling its Customer or Hand over his emirates id to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And this Department hand over the ID to the Concern Department where form this emirates id Issued.

Before Canceling emirates id you have to know some basic information about it. Here in UAE, you can not join any Job or Services which is logically Allow in UAE without emirates ID. And you can not open or Close you are Baking Details or Accounts also the Banking Loans without emirates id.

How over You can not Cancel you are Phone Sims or Vehicles Registration which are Currently on you are name. So before Canceling you are emirates id authority, it’s Important that Firstly Canceling all the other Services then Cancel it.

Applying for New Card or Check the emirates id Status, and with this also check fines Etc this is all the information you can only find on this Site. All Methods are Fully Explained here with Images and videos which are helpful for you to Easily Understand. You can and Getting the Best Results about These Types of Questions.

If you want any Harder Content means any Article which is Harder to understand then you Can also Contact us we will Fully Help you to Get understand you this whole Process.

you Can Also check the Traffic Fines with This Status. Means All the Traffic fines also Show on you are ID Status. Whenever you will Check the Id Status you can Also Check the Traffic Fines with this. These payments which are Based on traffic Fines you Can Also Complete by your register Account on the Site. After that, you have to Simply Provide you the Banking Details or Any Credit or Debit Card Details. Now Load the funds into you are Account. After Completing These All the things simply you have to Clear all the Fines via you are Register Account.

Issue and Re-Issue emirates id Both are can be Only service Available by its Customer Care or Official Site of UAE. So, Here noting any other Way which will help to get emirates id locally and Do not Try any local agent who Advertises to you about emirates id Getting.