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Check NOL Card Balance Online

Check NOL Card Balance Online

NOL Card Balance Check Online Easy Method Available here. You can check your balance in 1 Minutes using our best procedure. Few Peoples Want to Know What is NOL Card?

The NOL Card is a Electronic Card which is used for Tickets Buying and for enjoying Public Transport Services. You can easily pay Tickets price in Public Transport using this card. NOL Card is also used in Metro Payment, Train Payment, Bus Payment, as well as payments for Vehicle Parking. For Using this card you must need to Recharge Your NOL Card. You can use this card, if your card has More than Ph 7.5. The Minimum Balance require to use this card is Ph 7.5.

NOL Card Balance Online

RTA Launched a System to Check your NOL Card Balance Online. You can use this card if you have More than Ph 7.5 NOL Card Balance. There are Two Easiest way To Check Balance Online

  1. Through TRA Portal
  2. Through RTA Mobile App

How To check NOL Card Balance Online

NOL Card Balance Check

You can check Your NOL Card Balance Online in 1 Minutes. If you have a NOL Card Number, then you can easily check the inquiry about it in just Few Minutes. There Are Two ways of Checking

  1. RTA Portal
  2. RTA App

You can Easily Check Inquiries About that using these Above two methods Online. You can easily find in just few minutes.

NOL Card Balance Check With RTA Portal

RTA Portal Announced his feature of Nol Card Balance Check. Follow these below steps For Checking Balance Online

Step#1: Visit RTA Website and Go to RTA Balance Page. You can easily Visit this Page By Clicking Here. The Main page of RTA Balance page contains Many Option.


Check NOL Card Balance
Image Credit: RTA Website


Step#2: Now Click on “Check NOL Balance” Option. When you Click on It. It will ask You to “Enter Nol Tag Id”

NOL Tag Id Available in the Back side of your NOL Card. Image is Below For Your understanding.


NOL Card Number


Step#3: After Clicking on “Check NOL Balance”, Enter Your “NOL Number”. After Entering your number carefully Click on the “Search” Option.


NOL Card Balance Check
Image Credit: RTA Website


Must Fill Captcha. After Filling Captcha and Clicking On Search option To Check Your balance Online, then it will leads you to new Page where the Balance of Your NOL Card Show you in Your Device Screen. The Valid date of Your card also show in your Screen.


NOL Card Balance


How To Check NOL Card Balance In Mobile Through RTA App

Now You can also Check Your NOL Card Balance in Mobile Through RTA App. Follow these Below steps If you want to Know, How to Check My Nol Card Balance Online?.

Step#1: Install RTA App

Step#2: Open and Slide Pages. Go To Public Transport Page

Step#3: In Public Transport Page Click On “Check Nol Balance” Option.

Step#4: It Will Leads You To New page Where the Option Of “Nol Tag ID”. Enter Your “NOL Card Number” in this Box.

Step#5: Now Click On “View Balance”. Option. It will show your NOL Card Balance.

NOL Card Balance Check Using NFC

You can also Check Your NOL Card Balance Using NFC On Mobile. This is the latest Technology and amazing method that Work Automatically when you Place your Phone on your NOL Card. Its Only Work On that Mobile which have “NFC And Payment”. This Option Available only in few Mobiles Phone. If your Mobile is not NFC And Payment supported, then you need to follow the method of nol card balance check using Nol Tag Id.

Follow these Basic and important steps for Nol Balance Checking On Mobile Using NFC.

Step#1: “ON” Your Mobile “NFC And Payment Option”. This Option Available in the “More Connection Setting Option”.


NFC and Payment


Step#2: Now Open your RTA Mobile App, Find “Public Transport page” and Click on “NOL Balance Check” option.

Step#3: In New Page “Tag Id” and “Read the NOL Card Using NFC”. Click on “Tap To Read” Option. It will start reading, Place your Mobile on your NOL Card. After Few Seconds it will show your Nol Card Balance.

NOL Card balance Check using NFC

In this way you can also check your Balance on Mobile Using NFC




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