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Dubai Traffic Rules And Law

Dubai Traffic Rules And Law

Traffic rules have very importance in Dubai or all over the UAE. And here we will discuss in detail about Essential Traffic rules of Dubai. If you do not follow traffic rules at driving time then you will face very heavy penalty. And if you are a driver then your driving license can be suspend if you broke many rules at driving time this depends on police.

Dubai Traffic Rules And Law

Dubai Traffic Rules and Law

First of all come and see in detail about Traffic law which must be follow when you are in Dubai. It’s necessary for drivers to follow these law strictly on the roads lets see Traffic Law in Dubai:

Dubai Traffic Law

After this come and see Traffic laws in Dubai. All people must follow all these laws which has designed by the government of Dubai. Lets see in detail about these:

Ministerial Resolution No. 177 of 2017 Regarding Issuing and Renewing a driver’s Licence

Number#1: Age For Legal Driving In Dubai

First of minimum age for legal driving in Dubai is 18 years and before turning this into 21 we you need to renew your Driving License after one year.

Number#2: People who are 21 years of age and above 21 years

  • The people who are 21 years old or above this then driver’s license is valid for 2 years for all.
  • But after renewal driver’s license is valid for 10 years the citizen of Dubia and also for Gulf Cooperation Council. But for other nationalities drivers will be valid of 5 years.

Ministerial Resolution No. 178 of 2017 regarding traffic control rules

Number#1: Mandatory seat belts

  • It’s necessary for all passenger to wear seat belt including back seats passenger. Otherwise driver will be fined about 400 AED And also as penalty he will slapped 4 black points
  • Children up to 4 years must be provided child seat belt otherwise you will fined 400 AED and Slapped 4 Black Points.
  • The age of front seat passenger 10 year old and at least 145 cm tall otherwise violating rule you will face fine

Reckless Driving

The Reckless driving will face a fine of AED 2000 and also they will slapped 23 black points. And also these drivers impounding of the vehicle for a period of 60 days. These Reckless driving includes:

  • The drivers who endanger the lives of other people
  • Blocking traffic
  • Jumping Red Signals on the road
  • Sudden Swerving
  • Driving without a number plate vehicle

Driving Vehicle Under The Influence

  • When driver’s Influence of drugs and or alcohol then the driver’s license will be suspend for one year.
  • And court will decide about his fine
  • Also court will decide he should send to jail or not


Exceeding speed limit of vehicle 80Km then you will face AED 3,000 Slapped 23 Black Points and also your vehicle like car will be impounded fir 60 days.

Distractions At Driving Time

Using Phone at Driving Time or other type of Distractions you will face fine AED 400 and Slapped 4 Black Points.

Other Type of Violations

  • At driving time when you are not leaving distance between other vehicle then this is include in Traffic violation
  • When you overtake on hard Shoulder at driving time
  • Crowding around accident site
  • When you are using expired tires in your vehicle
  • Driving at noisy Vehicle on the road
  • Transporting passengers illegally from one place to another

Dubai Traffic Rules

And after this come and see about Traffic rules which must be followed when you are in driving vehicle. And also these rules are very important for Drivers and they must try to understand these carefully. Lets See Traffic Rules which must be follow in Dubai:

  • First of all drivers must carry with themselves a valid license of UAE with relavant insurance and registration papers.
  • Commercial Vehicle drivers must have relevant permit and clearance.
  • In UAE you must need to drive vehicles on Right hand site
  • And overtaking is just only allowed from lift side
  • You have not allowed to use mobile phone at driving time
  • Never Drive Vehicle without Number Plate Vehicle otherwise you will face penalty
  • Use Seat belt at driving time
  • Don’t set less than 10 years old baby in Front seat of vehicle
  • If you are in drugs or alhocal don’s drive Vehicle
  • If you will Not using indicators when changing direction or turning of vehicle then you will be fine
  • Drive vehicle by following all rules and regulations.

These are the traffic rules and laws which you must need to follow at driving time and as driver in Dubai. We are hopeful that this will help you at driving time and To Understand Traffic Rules.

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